1st Day of Preschool

Today was the first day of preschool at our house.

C was excited, although she was a bit unsure of what we’d be doing… or what it really meant exactly. We had a preschool group at our house last year that had six kids in total and we did “preschool.” But, she was only 3 last fall, so our preschool was very much a “learn by playing” group… we basically learned the Pledge of Allegiance and did a bunch of alphabet-centric crafts. This year, she’s four and I actually want her to learn some academics. Of course, it’s hopefully still fun and includes a lot of playing, but I’m taking it a bit more seriously.

Anyway, all she knew was that our friends weren’t coming, so she wasn’t sure what else would be different. She wanted to still do our calendar and talk about the weather, and to say the Pledge of Allegiance. She wanted to make sure we’d read books and do “activities” (aka – crafts). Check! We will definitely do all those things… plus some phonics, early math, science projects, and geography.

Of course, E is in and around, so it was her first day of “school” too.

They had a great time! There were a few moments of frustration when I wanted her to finish something diligently and she wanted to just skip around move on to the next thing. She’s not used to having to finish a task. We got that figured out (because two seconds later she was done anyway), and was proud of the thing she had been working on. The rest of it was great.

They got to start with an art activity (dot painters) while I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready to start. (They took off all the lids and lined up the paints like this, not me.)

We had our “calendar time” (we talk about the calendar, alphabet, observe the weather, chart the weather, talk about a character trait of the week, and learn a Bible verse), phonics (I’m using All About Reading, for those who are curious), Math (using the Math-U-See, Primer level), then we had a snack and a break (during which she played with E’s manipulative activity), Reading (during which I read a big stack of books to them), Art time (we colored pictures to send off to be transferred to melamine plates). I had tangrams set out for their independent play time at the end while I make lunch, but they wanted to go ride bikes instead.  On Wednesdays and Fridays we’re going to rotate between Art, Science, and Geography. I’m especially excited for Science… I think the projects we’re going to do look like a lot of fun.

I think C’s favorite part was math and playing with the manipulative blocks that our curriculum uses. I think E’s favorite part was playing with the “Ziggy the zebra” puppet that the phonics curriculum uses. She LOVED that thing. I think I’m going to have to keep Ziggy hidden away or he will be gone for good.

All in all, it was a successful morning…I think we all had a lot of fun!


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