The not-fun art project

Today I was given a good reminder that our school isn’t always going to be “roses and rainbows.” Even if I try to plan things they will love, they won’t always love it. I’m sure a bit of pride is involved. I’m sure some part of me wants the kids to finish their schoolwork, and come running over with big hugs and tell me “that was fun mom, thanks!” Obviously, that doesn’t always (or even, often) happen.

Today, I planned what I thought was a fun art project. Painting with toilet paper rolls.

I thought it looked like fun, but C wanted to stop after one picture (usually she would do 2 or 3). E was crying because she thought we’d be painting with brushes, and she didn’t think this was really painting. Perhaps C was more interested in just playing. That’s probably the case…and tomorrow she will ask to do this again. Either way, when it was done, she told me that it wasn’t fun.

In the end, she was done with one picture and then wanted to go play trains. Ok.



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