About Me

Hey, I’m Kellie. Glad you are here!

I’m just starting out on our homeschool journey, with a preschooler and a toddler. Schooling with little ones underfoot, IS our schooling right now.

As a chronic over-committer, and a failing perfectionist. I am regularly reminded that I cannot do anything from my own strength, but only by God’s grace and mercy. I am a broken crayon. I pray that God will take this broken crayon, and use it to make my home a beautiful masterpiece. While I make my plans, and create many spreadsheets, I try to hold them all very lightly… knowing that God has His own plans and can work wonders… even with broken crayons and dripping glue.

I have received so much help by reading others’ homeschool blogs. I’ve gleaned a lot! I feel a little obligated to put my own “here’s what we’re doing and how we’re doing it” page out into cyberspace… to give back to the family home homeschooling mamas. So, please feel free to ask any questions, but also to email with suggestions or feedback for me. I know I’ve barely started down this path and there are many wise women ahead of me.

As for my family, C (age 4) is doing preschool this year, and E (age 2) is doing what I call “tag-a-long school”. My husband works at an office most days, but it transitioning to working at home more, so we’ve all been figuring out how to manage our schedule and noise levels so he can work.

And that’s us… just starting out!


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