A fly on the wall

Do you love peeking into other people’s life and just seeing what things look like at their house? Well, here’s a day in our life…

For the last couple weeks, I haven’t been so good about getting up on time and sticking to our schedule. I felt it and the kids felt it. Our last subject of the day (art/science/geography) wasn’t always getting done. We pretty much have until lunch time, and then we all feel DONE. Then, we have lunch, the kids play a bit, and they both still have nap/quiet time.

For our independent post-breakfast time, I planned lacing cards and marble scooping. They didn’t care at all about the lacing cards, but had a great time playing with the marbles.

After the dishes were done and my coffee was made, we started our calendar time. Our memory verse from last week’s BSF lesson is “The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering.” (Genesis 4:4) and our character trait this week is self-control.

Then, we moved on to phonics. C starts by finding the letter of the day (today was ‘N’ in our All About Reading book) on our alphabet chart and board of magnet letters. I like doing the magnet board as well because the letters aren’t in order (or even in line) so she really has to know what she is looking for.

We did our ‘N’ reading from the Ziggy the Zebra book. Instead of doing the provided craft sheet, I wanted C to do some extra tracing/drawing practice. C practices writing her letters each school day and I know she has trouble with her Ms and Ns. She doesn’t like to stop the lines…they just keep going. Anyway, I wanted to give her some fun writing practice besides just doing letters. I printed out a few  of the ‘N’ things from the preschool curriculum I got from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

E got busy with stacking sponges, a toddler activity I got out for her when she need a distraction.

We got out Ziggy to finish our phonics lesson. Today, we started teaching about words that are made up of two other words, like cupcake, airplane, etc. It was interesting though… if I told C the words ‘cup’ and ‘cake’ and asked her to combine them into one word, she really couldn’t do it without a pause between words. But, if I asked her to tell me which two words were in ‘cupcake’, she could do it without a problem. I don’t know what that means in her brain development, but I thought it was interesting. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Ziggy. They go bonkers trying to hug and kiss him.

We had a snack and did our math lesson, all about circles today. We did math on the couch, which C thought was pretty good, and then we just stayed put for reading time.

At this point, I was really tired. My eyes were closing. I was so tempted to just be done, but it was time for science. I knew they would love our projects today, and I want to be diligent and do a good job. I’m trying to train myself to think of this as a job (in some ways, not all), and unless I’m really sick, do my best for my kids. So.. it was time for science!

Today we learned about “forces”. Our questions today were “I wonder why boats float?” and “I wonder why I have to wear a seatbelt?”

We sank balls of play dough in water, and then made play dough boats that floated on the water to study how their shape affects them. Then, I made boats out of foil that would last a little better in the water.

For the “objects in motion” lesson, we took a car and drove it down a ramp. Then, we did it again, but put a pencil in its path and saw how the pencil stopped the car from going. Then, to explain seat belts, we put a play dough blob ( our guy) on the car. I explained that that was like riding in the car without a seat belt. We ran the car down the ramp, and when it hit the pencil, our guy went flying off because nothing was holding him to the car. To put his seat belt on, we squished him in more so he was hooked into the windows of the car (the books said to tie him on with a ribbon, but we just squished). He went down the ramp, hit the pencil, and the guy stayed attached to the car.

The fun thing about doing science last is that C continued to play with this for about an hour after, while I worked on toilet-training with E, and then made lunch. She kept putting the play dough man on the car and doing it on the floor… pushing him into walls and furniture, and me.

And that was our school morning! Honestly, when we are done, (if it has gone well) I still feel like giving myself a round of applause. I’m wondering if that will wear off and when.

What did you do today?