Our Schedule


We’re doing preschool for C (age 4), with one tag-a-long two-year-old. We do preschool three days a week, and go to Bible Study Fellowship twice a week. Well, one of those days is for a leaders meeting and the kids have a multi-age play group. On our class day, the kids go to an age appropriate class that is excellent.

Here is our (goal!) schedule for the year for our school days:

7:30a         I’m ready for the day and get the kids up. This is the hardest part. My kids are not morning people! But, it’s our latest mornings of the week, so there is no big sense in letting them sleep a long time.

8:30a        Breakfast is done, the kids start their “independent arts and crafts” activity that I’ve planned for them while I clean up the kitchen, do any last-minute preparations, and make myself a latte.

9:00a        Calendar time, which includes the pledge of allegiance, weather charting, calendar discussions, character trait discussion, memory verse, and alphabet review.

9:30a        Phonics

10:00a      Math

10:30a      Break and snack

11:00a      Read-aloud time

11:30a      Rotate between art, science, and geography

12:00p    Independent game time – an activity or game I’ve planned to set out while I prep lunch… or they can go play with whatever they want.

And that’s the current plan! I’ve found that it’s all contingent on getting on time, and starting on time. Otherwise, we start really late and run out of time (and attention for) the art/science/geography portion.

What does your schedule look like? Do you have one? Any suggestions for me?


4 thoughts on “Our Schedule

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